TecnoTur English episode 5

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  • Carla Sánchez and Allan Tépper discuss about RIM/Blackberry’s new free podcast consumption application, and Covert Affairs (USA Network) and their Venezuelan episode.
  • Larry O’Connor of OWC (Other World Computing) discusses the iMac eSATA modification and SSDs (Solid State Drives).
  • Bruce Sharpe of Singular Software and Allan Tépper converse about Plural Eyes, stereo 3D workflow, DualEyes, and Presto.
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TecnoTur English podcast episode 4

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  • Allan Tépper converses with Carla Sánchez, USA-based Venezuelan actress, model and spokesperson.
  • Josh Mellicker, creator of DVKitchen, converses with Allan Tépper about the program which is TecnoTur‘s favorite application for calculating, encoding, posting, and embedding video for the web and the most popular mobile devices. Listeners of TecnoTur can get a special discount on DVKitchen when purchasing it directly from the manufacturer by entering the promotional code TecnoTur. DVKitchen is compatible with Matrox’s MAX hardware accelerator for H.264 encoding, which is available both as a standalone card, or as a factory-option with any MXO2 interface device.
  • Bryce Button of AJA tells us about AJA’s latest announcement from the entire product line.

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TecnoTur, English podcast episode 2

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  • Allan Tépper interviews Brittany Smith of Radio Lollipop of Miami Children’s Hospital.
  • How to send comments, questions, and testimonials to TecnoTur: call 305-668-8556 x133 or record the message yourself and e-mail it to us at audio (at) TecnoTur.us
  • Rubén Abruña and Allan Tépper travel to NAB 2010 in Las Vegas and interview Wayne Andrews, a pro video product manager at Matrox, regarding new Matrox announcements, including MAX 2.0 with its new VBR and scene analysis, and —for the very first time in history— encoding of Apple’s ProRes422 in Windows with Matrox OEM cards, and the new compatibility of MXO2 Mini with Avid MC5, in addition to Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe CS4 and CS5.
  • Read Allan Tépper’s articles regarding Matrox —and many other products— in ProVideo Coalition magazine. Find a full index of the articles at AllanTepper.com

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TecnoTur, English podcast episode 1

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  • Allan Tépper and Vanessa Brown discuss how the medium of Podcasting has gone way beyond the Pod. Also, they explain how TecnoTur‘s new English channel will co-exist with the existing Castilian channel.
  • A telephone conversation with Jeff Taylor of Elements Post and Televerse Media, both from Connecticut, USA.
  • The TriCaster XD300, with Jorge Dighero and Ralph Messana of NewTek.

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